How Instagram Can Benefit Your Photography Business

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Infamous for being one of the top performing and most popular social media platforms, Instagram isn’t just for fun anymore, it can play a key part in boosting business for both photographers and influencers.

Although I don’t do photography professionally, I’ve spoken with multiple pros who have used the platform as a second income or as a free way to promote their business!

I’m going to share with you all the reasons you should be using Instagram to promote your business if you’re working in photography and let you know the ways in which you could increase business and make some extra money using Instagram.

Why You Should Use Instagram as a Business Tool

The reason really is no more complex than the fact that everyone is using it. Following the crowd isn’t always a good thing but when it comes to using Instagram for business, doing what everyone is doing could work in your favour.

Being a professional ‘Instagrammer’ became a common job title in 2017 and it was the year that we saw more people making money off the social media platform than ever before.

Even if you don’t want to work with brands on Instagram and get paid for your work, using Instagram to promote your work can help it reach a wider audience and in turn, could bring more work to your business.

How to Use Instagram to Benefit Your Business


Business Accounts

Setting up your Instagram account as a business account allows you to get a better look at how your posts are doing so you can see what your followers like and what they don’t. To encourage people to choose you as a photographer, you want to be filling their feed with the kind of images they like, so by converting from a personal Instagram account to a business one (it’s free to do), you can get an insight report for each upload and see how many people viewed the image, liked it, how they found your image on the platform and more!

Hashtags and Geotags

If you want people to reach your website or contact information and eventually hire you for events or shoots, then you need to get your work out there. Having a good following on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight, so to reach the most people possible and the people who are most likely looking for your kind of work, you need to use relevant hashtags and geotags.

Hashtags and geotags that are related to your work and location help to get your work on to more pages throughout the platform and mean it’s more likely to reach someone who is interested or looking for a business just like yours.

Ads/Paid Promotions

We’re all guilty at rolling our eyes when we see ‘#ad’ on Instagram but really, can we blame them? Instagram has the potential to make you some serious money if you’re captured by the right brands and you engage in the right jobs, so doing paid promotion on your Instagram could be a great way to earn a second income.

Lots of photography brands want to work with professional photographers on Instagram promotions, so by building up a good following and promoting yourself well, you could get targeted by a brand that’d be great to work with. Tagging brands you like and use in relevant posts can help draw their attention to your profile.

Always ensure the brand and the promotion is relevant to your business and followers and is going to add wealth to your business and not downgrade your profile but working with good brands that your followers will like will not only make you extra money but will boost the profile of your business too.

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re a photographer looking to get your business name out to more people or just an Instagram novice wanting to know a little more.

Thank you for having a read of my blog, Yomi Rodrig Photography!

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